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PEANUT BUTTER SMOOTHIE (21 day smoothie diet)

You’d never guess this peanut butter smoothie is actually healthy for you! Warning: you’ll need a spoon for this smoothie that tastes like drinkable fudge! This vegan, gluten-free smoothie is thick, rich, and tastes like drinkable chocolate-peanut butter fudge. After just a minute of blending, your glass of fudginess is […]


Did you know that there are a few easy, delicious drinks that you can whip up to jumpstart your journey to flat abs? These flat belly drinks are low in calories, great for your digestion and metabolism, and are excellent at cleansing and detoxing the body. Cheers! 🍋Lemon-Ginger: Drink it […]

Healthy vegan chocolate chip icecream

 I’m not the biggest fan of smoothie bowls BUT if it tastes like chocolate icecream I’m all for it😇😍⁣⁣Perfect snack/breakfast now that it’s a bit warmer here🍦 I topped it with banana, raspberries, blueberries, little kiwi balls, dark chocolate and peanut butter🍌🥝🍫⁣ By the way… here’s something more! 😍👇⁣ 21 […]


Classic comfort food. This pie is loaded with vegetables and topped with creamy and smooth potato mash😋 I used @grove.avocado.oil with mashed potatoes instead of regular butter. The potatoes came out super creamy and perfectly fluffy👌 By the way… here’s something more! 😍👇⁣ 21 days smoothie challenge to lose up to 20 […]


By the way… here’s something more! 😍👇⁣ 21 days smoothie challenge to lose up to 20 lbs (9 kg)! This method is honestly the most simple, healthy and effective way to give your body a break from all the processed foods and kick-start your weightloss and health. You can start […]

Roast Vegetables with Red Onion & Dukkah

Roast Vegetables with Red Onion & Dukkah by @thrivingonplants 😍⠀⠀The perfect recipe to make for a hearty main or starter! 😋⠀ Onions are a must have in all of my veggie roasts! I decided to use red onions for an extra pop of colour in this recipe plus I just love the […]

Spiced apple oatmeal bowl

i’m starting a series this fall for all the cozy and fall-esque recipes i create 🙂 first up is a simple one, yet one that never gets old… a spiced apple oatmeal bowl! let me know what your favorite fall combo is!!!____________________________spiced apple oatmeal bowl: By the way… here’s something […]

Breakfast burritos with tofu scramble!

This morning I decided to cook up some breakfast burritos 🤩 This involved mixing together a breakfast favourite of mine, tofu scramble, adding it to a wrap with some rice, spicy beans, and some sliced avocado to make it classy!.The tofu scramble recipie is already on my feed but if […]