Chestnut mushrooms sticky rice bowl

Chestnut mushrooms sticky rice bowl😋 ‘香菇栗子油饭’⁣⁣ brought back so many memories about my late sweetest grandma. She taught me how to wrap the rice in bamboo leaves and I never master it.🙈⁣
What is your favorite type of rice? If I look in my pantry, I have quinoa, sushi rice, sticky rice, jasmine rice, black rice, brown rice, and bean rice.😅⁣
Today, I’m sharing a sticky rice meal that I love to make for lunch. The rice’s sticky texture is so lip-smacking good and satisfying to eat. There are a few popular dishes that use sticky rice as the main ingredient such as BaChang or rice dumplings, lotus leaf-wrapped rice, or the popular mango sticky rice.⁣
How to find the recipe:⁣
– Link in bio⁣
Cooking Tips:⁣
– I used roasted chestnuts that are normally sold as snacks (save me some time😁)⁣
– Soak the rice before you go to bed so you can start working on it the next day. ⁣
– Some rice brands don’t require soaking, so please adjust the cooking time accordingly⁣
– use ginger instead for an allium-free meal⁣
I hope you give this a try. Sending loads of love and positive energy on your weekend. Best, WoonHeng❤️⁣

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