Low carb energy balls

I have been busy designing new recipes for a corporate Health and Wellness event next week and I have made few different variations to suit my eating schedule.

📌I follow a low carb and anti- inflammatory eating regime to control my Lipedema. This eating regime suits my body, my hormones and controls the progression of my condition. It keeps my body pain free( or close to it) and boosts my metabolism. I have achieved metabolic flexibility after 1.5 years of therapeutic fasting and following this eating regime. So if you see me eating some pizza and enjoy the occasional carbs and alcohol that is what metabolic flexibility is.

✅I am a human and a foodie and I do want to enjoy the food I like. This eating regime and fasting has given me the chance to do this without affecting my condition and pain too much. I am now in control of my food and lifestyle choices and know how to come back on track after enjoying some break periods( we all need them) including a break from fasting.


➡️1/2 cup milled chia seeds
➡️1/2 cup milled flax/nut mix( Aldi mix)
➡️1/4 cup cacao powder
➡️1/2 cup Dessicated coconut
➡️1tsp vanilla extract
➡️1/3 cup peanut butter
➡️1/4 cup Stevia/ Erythritol mix
➡️2tbsp coconut oil


Melt the coconut oil first and add the peanut butter then the sweetener and make sure there are no lumps . Mix it well with all your dry ingredients. Form round balls and roll them in some dessicated coconut. Refrigerate for a couple of hours. These can also be frozen if you are making a big batch.


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