I synced with my menstrual cycle

The moment I stopped stressing about my weight and about the food I ate, the moment I really decided to prioritse sleep and my mental health..⁣

this is the moment my body changed completely.⁣

All of a sudden I saw the changes on my body from all of the hard work I was putting in.⁣

All of a sudden I didn’t feel as bloated anymore.⁣

All of a sudden I finally felt good in my body – and I liked what I saw.⁣

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, I know.⁣

I always thought we always had to push ourselves to the limit, all of the time. If it is with workouts or my work life. And this eventually put my body completely out of homeostastis.⁣

But the moment I started syncing with my cycle and understood that there are 4 different phases my body goes through every single month, and once I started syncing with those phases, that was the moment where everything changed for me.⁣

All of that weight was melting down, my water retention was non existent, my energy was high, and I finally saw all the hard work paying off. ⁣

Now, I’d like to know – are you syncing with your cycle? Or are you considering it?

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