Let me shout MERDEKA X3 first. 🤣
Today is Malaysia 🇲🇾 National Day. So i collab with my buddy here @daisydailytrail to celebrate our love for Malaysian food. Swipe to check what she made. 😋

To those who doesn’t know mee rebus is traditionally made from blended spices and aromatics. Fresh ingredients like lemongrass, garlic and shallots are used in the paste. I did not made the paste from scratch so i used an instant paste that has the similar ingredients (swipe to check out which paste i used).

I twisted up the traditional flavour of this dish by boiling pumpkin for the base instead of potatoes. Pairing this thick creamy sauce with prawn fritters and a half boiled egg created an umami flavour to this dish. You can eat this sauce/ soup with any carbs you love eg rice, noods or breads. 😋 but noods is the best. 👍🤌


– pumpkin
– carrot
– red onion
– tomatoes
– bean sprout
– spring onion
– egg (optional)
– firm tofu
– prawn / tofu / vege fritters
– healthy noodles from @pinxinvegan
– asam pedas paste @maknyonyamy / any curry paste
– bird’s eye chilli (optional)

For the stock:
Boil pumpkin, carrot, tomato and red onion until soften. Blend the sauce till smooth. Add 1 tablespoon of the asam pedas paste into the soup. Then, Add the tofu and continue boiling until it thickens.

Boil your the noods, bean sprout and egg. I made my with a 5min egg for extra creaminess. 😋 💯 recommended you to do so for that fusion kick 😎

Plate your noods with the sauce, bean sprout and egg on top. Garnished with spring onions, birds eye chilli and of coz don’t forget the prawn fritters (for vegan, can use tofu / vege fritters) Enjoy!

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