If you’ve gained some weight recently, started to feel like you have no energy, have constant cravings or noticed frequent skin breakouts – it’s a sign that you need a DETOX.  

Fortunately, making some changes to your diet and lifestyle can fix this problem. 😜 

One of them is having 5-7 servings of whole foods through out the day. While it may sound challenging, especially if you don’t like fruit and veggies in the first place, there’s an easier and faster way to do it!  

Did you ever try to blend up fruit and veggies together to make a green smoothie? It may come as a surprise to you, but these delicious green shakes are an effortless way to detox and lose weight. 💚🥤

People who complete the challenge lose up to 16 lbs and form long-term healthy eating habits that help them to keep the weight off for good.

You can start by downloading the ➡️“21 smoothie diet challenge”⬅️ ebook now!

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