White rice vs brown rice

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Both white rice and brown rice can be a component of a healthy diet. However, in direct comparison, brown rice is definitely the healthier choice. Not only does it provide a higher a mount of fiber, it is also a much better source of mineral, B vitamins and antioxidants. ⠀
Because white rice is a bit higher in carbohydrates and lacks a sufficient amount of fiber, it can elevate blood sugar levels rather quickly, also triggering insulin spikes and resulting in you being hungry again after a relatively short while.⠀
Brown rice, in contrast, is more satiating, its carbohydrates are absorbed into the bloodstream at a slower and more constant pace and it promotes gut health and regular bowel movements. Moreover, it simply provides a much better overall nutritional value.⠀
I would recommend brown rice instead of white rice to most people. However, if you actively seek to gain weight and already consume a rather high amount of fiber in your diet (> 60-70g per day), white rice is a great option to consume additional calories without adding even more fiber. While fiber is extremely healthy, there’s a certain threshold beyond which you may start to experience digestive issues – in particular if your gut is not used to high amounts of fiber.⠀
If you choose to eat white rice, I would recommend to always combine it with healthy, fiber-rich and micro nutrient dense foods, such as legumes or greens.⠀

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