PEANUT BUTTER SMOOTHIE (21 day smoothie diet)

You’d never guess this peanut butter smoothie is actually healthy for you! Warning: you’ll need a spoon for this smoothie that tastes like drinkable fudge! This vegan, gluten-free smoothie is thick, rich, and tastes like drinkable chocolate-peanut butter fudge.

After just a minute of blending, your glass of fudginess is ready. The fudgy taste slightly dominates the peanut butter, but you can always add more peanut butter if you want.

It definitely hits the spot after a workout or try it before for a nice energy boost. Or just make it for breakfast. Chocolate and peanut butter, the breakfast of champions.

People who complete the challenge lose up to 20 lbs and form long-term healthy eating habits that help them to keep the weight off for good.⁣ You can start by downloading the ➡️”21 day Smoothie Diet“⬅️ ebook now!

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