Detox Smoothies For Daily Weight Loss

These detox smoothies are like drinking a liquid vitamin 💧🌟 but without the need of any expensive powders or supplements. All of the nutrients are coming naturally from the fruit, vegetables and seeds ✅
Sometimes people will ask “Well why do we need to detox? Our liver/kidneys detox our body🙄” 👇🏻
This detox is intended to support and improve your body’s natural detox process, so your organs (including the liver/kidneys) can effectively detox your body.
The smoothies not only provide nutrients required for optimal detoxing power 💪🏼 but consuming a diet of mainly blended foods gives your digestive system a bit of a rest so it can put more energy into detoxing.
So yes, while your body naturally detoxes everyday, if you continue to eat junk, processed foods or diet without sufficient nutrients, it’s pretty much like trying to run a bath with the plug out 🛁 you’re not really going to get anywhere 🤷🏼♀️
☘People who complete the 21-Day Smoothie Diet Challenge lose up to 20 pounds and form long-term healthy eating habits that help them keep the weight off for good. 👍😎.

You can start by downloading the ➡️“21 smoothie diet challenge”⬅️ ebook now!

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