Why You Shouldn’t Use Beans As Yor Main Protein Source

Little bit of a controversial topic in this community but I said what I said💅🏻

When I was new to veganism I was terrified of eating anything processed and super into the ‘high carb low fat’ vegan diet 🤦🏻‍♀️

Therefore to hit my protein I was eating a ton of beans and legumes. 🥴

I also was constantly bloated felt lethargic and frustrated. It was incredibly uncomfortable and difficult to reach my macronutrient goals using beans as my main source of protein.

Once I started focusing on ACTUAL vegan protein sources everything changed.

My digestion, energy strength all of it. Making this shift in my diet helped me go from skinny fat to fit vegan 🌱

Again, I’m not saying don’t eat beans. Beans are great for your health and can be a great ADDITIONAL source of protein but they are certainly not a main source of protein.

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