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I synced with my menstrual cycle

The moment I stopped stressing about my weight and about the food I ate, the moment I really decided to prioritse sleep and my mental health..⁣ ⁣ this is the moment my body changed completely.⁣ ⁣ All of a sudden I saw the changes on my body from all of […]

Improv your gut health with pistachio

Improv your gut health with pistachio 👍 🍓💚Lose up 8-16 lbs (4-7kg) in 21 Days with my homemade detox smoothie recipes! ⠀ If you’re wanting to kick-start your weight loss, recharge your energy levels and cleanse your system, this detox is the healthiest way to do it🙌🏼 I swear by […]

White rice vs brown rice

Before we get into anything, did you know that having two smoothies per day could Lose You Up To 20 Pounds and form long-Term  and bring so many health benefits?! And in ONLY 21 DAYS!! 🙌How does it work? Check the link and take the ➡️ “21 smoothie diet challenge” […]